1. Brilliance:

    Black Female Voices: bell hooks & Melissa Harris-Perry


  2. newstfionline:

    By Maria Shriver, LinkedIn, May 21, 2013

    Remarks delivered on Friday, May 11, 2012 at University of Southern California’s Annenberg School Commencement Ceremony

    Good morning, Annenberg graduates—and congratulations! You’ve made it through one of the most prestigious universities in the…

    Simply lovely.

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  3. Will you show love to someone extraordinary today?: Autism Awareness Month 2013.


  4. busside said: Hi Faith - Hope you are good. Ignore the blog that I am sending this from (unless you are into skateboarding!) but I just wanted to contact you as I am currently working with a charity called United Response and they are doing a really cool project at the moment which I thought you might be interested in. It is called Postcards from the Edges (just Google it and you will find the site) and it is fun, creative and helping to raise awareness of their cause. Let me know if you are interested! Ta x

    My contact details are now up. Please feel free to shoot me an email. :-)


  5. srsalas said: I wanted to introduce myself, I'm a writer, blogger, speaker, and advocate in the U.S. Through one of my organizations, I was made aware of your TED presentation and have to tell you that I absolutely loved it. I hope you won't mind - I posted about you on my blog today and wanted to share it with you. Unfortunately Tumblr won't let me share the link - if you're interested, email me back and I'll share it. I love that you have the ability to see the gifts in autism. Best to you, Renee Salas

    Love this. Please email me the link!!


  6. "To Contact me for Speaking Engagements: faith.jegede@gmail.com"

  7. myphdjourney:

    Eight applications four acceptances and countless prayers later, I arrive in Spring 2013. After twelve months of research, exams, interviews, school visits and the completion of my MSc, I am delighted to share that I will be starting my PhD in Communication later this year.


  8. Letters to Remi. (Reloaded)

    Dear Brother,


    You have always been insanely beautiful.  An edible face stuffed with cheeky grins and a rare kind of purity.  Skin like velvet. Smile like sunshine. Eyes like stories. A wordless joy.


    Would you believe I vaguely remember our initial encounter?  Your safe arrival was the answer to my first prayer. My heart swelled with matchless pride from the moment our eyes clasped together. Leaving a knowingness of siblinghood that would remain for years to come.


    Brother. In my mind we have had a thousand conversations. And from your random bursts of laughter, I have concluded that you are hilarious.  Though you’ve never said a word to me in English, I imagine you’ve constructed the most sophisticated sentences. Only I in my inability to understand you, have missed the poetry and wisdom from your soul.


    I cannot conceive how frustrating it must be. For everyone around you to be fooled into believing that you are broken, when in fact they just haven’t read the manual. So on behalf of humanity, I apologise for our ignorance. And I fully endorse each tut and side-glance you give our folly.


    If I were to communicate one thing to you, it would be that you are extraordinary. Your brilliance is beyond our conceptualisation and you are worth more than you’ll ever be able to realize.  In you lies a gift. In you lies a lesson. In you lies a solution. In you lies love.


    You are precious and to be celebrated.


    Love from your sister.


    Who is proud.




  9. "So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you."
    — Paulo Coelho

  10. "

    I’ve chipped away at God’s power in my life with my social streams. It is my way of rebelling, of saying, “What you ask of me is too hard–I’ll turn to photos of faces I don’t see any longer to envelope me… distract me from the things you really want of me.”

    “I’ll turn to 1,500 followers (maybe the mass grew heavier over night), I’ll post a photo at 10pm and be witty with 140 characters right before bed so that I can wake up “Like”d in the morning and with even more “friends” who won’t ask me hard questions. Won’t challenge me. Won’t mold me but will admire for all the fragments of a lens I’ve given them into a life where my hair is always perfect. And always, I am laughing. And always, I look skinny in sepia-stained lighting.”

    — Hannah Brencher. (Is. In. My. Head)